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The AIIB represents a direct challenge to the USA dominated World Bank and Asian Development Bank (run by the USA and Japan). The series is from the concluding chapter of my 2016 book, ‘Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy’. The current “recovery” was due to manipulation. The Review appears in the current December issue of the European Financial Review. You guys keep confusing market forces with fairness. Will the Fed ‘taper’ (reduce) its $85 billion or not. copyright 2016 The following are subsequent sections to my conclusion to my 2016 book on the growing financial system fragility and instability in the global economy. 25% to protect the value of its currency and in turn the economic assets of its business elite. What are the ‘drivers’ behind the price escalation. And then when that 15% drop is erased and the asset goes up another 50%, you gnash your teeth and scream about the fed or whatever. It predicts that Republicans will win the Senate on November 2014 and provides detailed reasons why. As a preliminary to this publication, readers are encouraged to listen to my latest two, hour-long public presentations on this topic. What follows is Part 1 of that concluding chapter–’A Theory of Systemic Fragility’. : Monetary Policy and the Next Depression’, by Dr.

Documenting their own avowed objectives and functions, the conclusion is that they have largely failed, and increasingly so since 2008. As others have said, don’t fight the system…profit from it. The IMF’s forthcoming inclusion in May of the Chinese currency, the Yuan, as an international trading currency, reflects a further erosion of that hegemony. Rasmus finds little to suggest a major shift to growth in the US is about to occur in the remainder of 2013. Argentina and Brazil as harbinger of things to come throughout the continent. It was a bargain compared to prices today. I think housing is worth buying WHEN prices are sustainable over the long term — I. copyright 2016 The following is a complimentary Chapter 6 from Jack Rasmus’s just published book, ‘Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy’. It certainly would be suicide in the long run to continue the zero interest rate policy until the dollar collapsed and the middle class was destroyed by high prices. Click on this article above for the details how to access both. This 4th except then discusses how and why monetary and fiscal policies since 1980 contribute to the instability, and don’t stabilize the system as is argued by mainstream economics. Rasmus explains the ‘timing’ is at its best for US business interests to conclude the TPP–but global economic developments are fast deteriorating and may pose the biggest obstacle to passage. It also discusses how US and global labor and financial markets have been restructuring since the 1980s, and that restructuring is rendering monetary and fiscal policies ineffective in re-establishing growth and stability. How US policies are designed to destabilize the governments and economies in Latin America, with case example economic destabilization focusing on Venezuela’s currency today paul krugman explains why bitcoin is a stupid currency.

–are attempting to shift their monetary policy focus since 2008, from zero interest rates (or below) and virtually free money to banks and shadow banks. Instead, you and the rest of the perma-bear crew sit around and scoff at a 15% drop because you are convinced 80% is just around the corner. Once the Greek people see the consequences, the only remaining alternative is exit paul krugman explains why bitcoin is a stupid currency.Skycoin.
. The reasons are similar: no real job growth, except for low paid, part time and temp employment, no real housing solution, rising debt levels for average families amidst continually falling wages and incomes. Martin Luther King March on Washington that led to the expansion of democratic rights. And more if recession occurs anytime in the next 10 years. For the July 2012-June 2013 period, US GDP recorded a mere 1. Greece’s possibility of exit also has most likely a 2016 target date. Why the central bank, the Federal Reserve, is raising rates not because of inflation but due to the need to finance the multi-trillion dollar deficits that area now coming. ” As I said before, if RE prices were to go up another 50% without corresponding income growth, owning properties will be the least of your worries. copyright 2016 The US and global economy are again growing financially unstable. ” So in other words, you’re assuming that the next downturn will be mild or will not occur within the next 25 years. “You’re making my point for me amigo. .

Bitcoin Gold.Dash.


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What happens next is anyone's guess, but given the seriousness of the crisis in 2008, we should expect the entire bottom to fall out of not only stock markets,
paul krugman explains why bitcoin is a stupid currency

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